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Fire Proofing Sprays
Yacht & Boat Cleaning and Polishing Products & Kits

EA Marine are distributors of high performance products including Fire Retardant Sprays, Fire Proofing Sprays and Yacht & Boat Cleaning & Polishing products. We stock brand names including Flametect, Eco-Sol and Pristine and all our products meet the highest quality standards. Many of the products have wide general application, but all are suitable for marine applications and are fully certified with IMO Approvals. A number of further product ranges will be added shortly.
Pristine complete boat & yacht care
Our best selling products include the 'Flametect' Retardant & Fire Fireproofing Sprays which have been especially formulated to protect a huge range of different materials. All the products offer easy home, or workshop, application and you can easily identify the required product from the materials and products listed on our 'Fire Proof & Fire Retardant Sprays' page. Click on the page on the menu bar above to see more.
If you are MCA Coding a boat, or yacht, for Commefcial use, or charter, the 'Flametect' range offer a fully certificated solution that will protect both your passengers and your investment.
We can also supply a Surface / Stain Protection Spray that can be applied with the Fire Retardant & Fire Proofing Sprays.

If you need any further details on any of our products give us a call on 08452 937 770 and we will be very happy to help.

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